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The View: Rahm Emanuel, Amy McGrath, Raven Symone, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan.

Two-for-one Friday+Monday episodes plus FFA Politics

More behind the cut

Hot Topic RIP Regis Philbin

Multiple clips and reminiscing.

Hot Topic Pro Sports Kneeling

A lot of MLB teams unanimously took a knee, except -cough- the Boston Red Sox plus the WNBA is dedicating their season to Breonna Taylor.

Hot Topic Rahm Emanuel

And he’s back. First they talk about what he thinks voters should expect as the election approaches and why it’s a good thing T45 is so visible because he can’t help but continue screwing up (like today, yikes).

Then they talk about T45 not accepting the results of the election. (Which is a false narrative because that man baby will peace tf out as soon as the results are in and probably not even show for the inauguration). They also talk about the Gestapo coming in to Chicago.

Meghan says blah blah, talks about Portland and the continued protests. Plus how athletes are now more in solidarity and taking a knee, and his changing position about the National Anthem.

Hot Topic Friday Show Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Clocks Ted Yoho

AOC was given time on the House floor to address Rep Ted Yoho calling her a f/cking b/tch. She clocks his male fragility. Naturally, the media characterized her remarks with inflammatory hyperbole despite her being calm, cool, and collected, while ignoring that Yoho didn’t ever really apologize for what he said to her.

Hot Topic Friday Show Amy McGrath

Amy McGrath is a retired Lt Colonel and former Marine fighter pilot. McGrath was the first woman to fly a combat mission for the Marine Corps, as well as the first to pilot the F/A-18 on a combat mission. She was -this close- to winning a House seat in 2018, then announced she would run against Mitch McConnell. First she gives stump speech talking points why she’s the right person to send McConnell packing.

Then she talks about Breonna Taylor and more about the covid response.

Meghan says blah blah. Then they talk about sending kids back to school re/virus and how each area can vary based on the available resources and why it’s important that federal resources be transferred to state level so kids can keep learning on pace with education system but still be safe.

Hot Topic Friday Show Raven Symone

Raven Symone is promoting her new album The Reintroduction. She also talks about her new marriage to Miranda Pearman-Maday.

Then she sings a song Serah.

FFA Politics

Icymi plus anything else you want to vent about

. Boris Yeltsin says he was/is fat and has lost 14 lbs and is trying to get healthy after his bout with covid because being overweight can add complications

. Nude model, hired escort, and resident mail order bride MelaniE wants to revamp the Rose Garden with 99 days to go before the election because that is totally what resonates with +40M unemployed Americans and 150K dead from covid

. Hungary's largest newspaper is essentially defunct after editor fired and 75 others walked off job due to authoritarian influence over reporting.

. PoutyFace McFussypants RacistInChief was unwanted but publicly refused to pay respects to Rep John Lewis laying-in-state at the Capital Rotunda so win-win.

Ontd 99 days to go!

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