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Warners announces new release dates for Tenet

After Warner Bros took Tenet off the schedule last week, many assumed that the film would be debuting internationally before hitting the states. Warner confirmed that plan today.

The film begin its international launch Wednesday August 26 in places like the UK, Italy, Korea, and Egypt. The following day it will hit places like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Germany. That Friday it debuts in Spain, Ghana, and Vietnam. Japan will see it September 18. As of now, China, Mexico, South Africa, and the entirely of South America have no release date scheduled.

The United States will see theaters in "select cities" debut the film on Wednesday September 3. Those cities were not announced, and the chances of major market locations like New York, LA, San Fran, Chicago, etc getting it are almost non-existent.

Of course its still up in the air whether these dates actually stick, especially in the US. Reactions towards the announcement was met with almost universal disdain on Twitter.

Tags: covid-19, film, robert pattinson, warner bros
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