Queen of Diamonds (xdecadentx) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen of Diamonds

Grigor Dimitrov still dealing with the aftermath of Covid 19

- Follow up to this post
- Dimitrov tested positive for Covid 19 after developing symptoms playing on the Adria Tour
- He has since tested negative and is resuming exhibition tournaments but says he's clearly not ready to compete at the highest level
- The virus was 'hard' on him and he was home for a month
- Says he was not breathing well, was tired, had no tastes/smell had 'all the symptoms'
- He says he still sometimes needs to 'shut down' after about 4 hours
- Admits that during the long periods in isolation and struggled with staying positive
- Coric (who also tested positive) was back playing exhibitions but seemed to be struggling for form. He retired one match and lost 3 out of the 4 matches he played.

Source Source

World class athlete had tough symptoms and is still struggling to recover over a month later. Wish him well going forward.
Tags: covid-19, health problems, sports / athletes - tennis
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