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PageSix reads ONTD, follows up on the Kardashian/Larsa Pippen "feud" while doing so

Today in "You can copy my homework but change some parts up so it looks different" news...

PageSix has kindly followed up on this post, saying This week, fans noted that Kim, along with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, did not follow the 46-year-old TV personality on Instagram, fueling rumors that Pippen got the Kardashian boot.

In their follow-up research, they claim Kim never even followed Larsa on Instagram, therefore she did not unfollow her. Larsa has also posted recently to say that she is focusing on her company, Larsa Pippen Fitness. However, they never got into any cheating speculation.

Page Six also said: Fans also acknowledged that none of the Kardashians wished Pippen a happy birthday earlier this month via social media as they have in past years. — shoutout to OP of that post xoxobliss, for this little tidbit.


Hey PageSix, can you call us jackals if you do a Tristan Thompson cheating follow-up?

ONTD, have your posts ever been personally victimized snatched by PageSix?
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