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Trailer: Slasher film, Spree starring Stranger Things' Joe Keery

Spree is a found-footage style film about 23 year old rideshare driver Kurt Kunkle who becomes obsessed with gaining a social media following and comes up with a horrifying idea to get it. The film will be released digitally and in theaters August 14th.

The director, Eugene Kotlyarenko describes the film leaning into satire and humor based around the obsession with social media fame and infamy and trying to make Kurt Kunkle a truly pathetic irredeemable character not to be emulated. Here's a link to Kurt's instagram account if you're interested in experiencing just how greasy and awkward the character is meant to be.

In "Spree," Joe Keery plays a rideshare driver named Kurt who will stop at nothing to go viral. He and the cast shared bad rideshare stories and how social media has impacted their lives while at the Variety Sundance studio.

Speaking to MEAWW from the Sundance Film Festival 2020 is the cast and crew of the film ‘Spree.’ Director Eugene Kotlyarenko, and actors Sasheer Zamata, Lala Kent, David Arquette, Joshua Ovalle, and lead actor Joe Keery talk about the humor and horror of the film created, the message they’re trying to put out, what drew the actors to the film, the reality of the premise of social media dangers shown in the film, and much more.

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