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ontd original: You Pick...The Best Show From the 90s

So I've been watching a lot of "Living Single" for the first time. It's pretty funny. then I thought, wait, what do people consider the best 90s sitcom?
Knowing the world we live in, probably "Friends" 👎🏾. But I decided to take it to the people instead.

This is the nomination post.

What is the best show that started in the 90s?
Jan. 1st 1990 -  Dec. 31st, 1999?


  1. It has to have started in the 90s. If it ended in 2005, cool, as long as it started in 1994!

  2. Make a parent comment, and people will +1 or react positively to it. I know some people can't see reactions, so responding is fine.

  3. There will be a top 8. That voting will start on Wednesday, July 29th (which is when this post will be closed @ Roundup time).

  4. Then the top 4 will duke it out Saturday, August 1st.

  5. The Winners will be announced probably Tuesday, August 4th.

  6. You can pick whatever, be it "Hanging With Mr. Cooper" to "Gargoyles". No genre is off limits, though if you're picking something that didn't have worldwide or at least American distribution, it may not reach the voting stage.

the 90s.
Tags: 1990s, nostalgia, ontd original, television

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