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ONTD Original: Where Are They Now? (ONTD Tags Edition, Part Two)

(ali lohan)
By the time that Aliana "Ali" Lohan began pursuing her own career, big sister Lindsay's goodwill with the powers that be in Hollywood was already beginning to dry out. (Her only studio album, Lohan Holiday, came at the end of a year that saw Lilo being publicly admonished by the CEO of Morgan Creek Productions for her "ongoing all night heavy partying"). Still, the majority of her resume is comprised of guest appearances on the latter's reality series (plural), despite signing to top modeling agency Wilhelmina in 2013 and teasing new music in 2018.

(daisy lowe)
If your tag stops being used after your lone obsessive fan moves on from posting, you probably didn't deserve the tag to begin with. And for all the posts about nepotism model Daisy Lowe made by neversquare back in the day, I never really got a sense of who she was or why I should care. Research for this post was far more revealing than they ever were: for example, did you know that Lowe's father is Gavin Rossdale? But she didn't know until a world-rocking 2004 paternity test? She also dated Hurts' Theo Hutchcraft back in the mid-2010s... he's straight?!

(haylie duff)
It seems fitting that the most recent project completed by Haylie Duff is a television movie entitled Deadly Delusion. Like Lohan, she hitched her wagon to her more famous sister at the precise moment when the Disney Channel darling's own career was showing its first signs of faltering. Today, the one-time Teen Choice Award Winner for Choice Movie Breakout (Female)'s most notable work still remains that which she did with Hilary—bombs like Material Girls and a cover of The Go-Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed," named one of the worst duets of all time by WatchMojo in 2017.

(jessica stam)
Much like Lowe, Jessica Stam owes a debt of gratitude to a now-inactive stan (guccipucci) for her ONTD tag. To her credit, the Canadian was once one of the 15 top-earning supermodels, netting $1.5 million—in 2007. Now 34, Stam is listed by the folks behind as an industry icon for having eight or more years at the blue chip level under her belt. But Kate Moss/Naomi Campbell/Tyra Banks she is not.

(marilyn manson)
Who would have thought that, of the names listed here, a late-90s shock rocker would be the most relevant in 2020? Marilyn Manson's last album, Heaven Upside Down, was released three years ago, but he continues to work steadily in film and music, most recently appearing as himself in an episode of The New Pope. The continued vitality of Manson is undoubtedly a testament to his talent; that he has been allowed to thrive in the wake of ex Evan Rachel Wood's chilling descriptions of alleged abuse at his hands is illustrative of the way that era of #MeToo has yet to truly dawn in the music industry.

Part One here!
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