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Dodger Evans on the mend after surgery

*Goodest boy Dodger Evans, the internet’s favorite celebrity pet, is stuck in the cone of shame as he recovers at home from hip replacement surgery.

*Dodger’s dad, actor Chris Evans, has been chronicling the lead up to Dodger’s surgery on Twitter:

*At the end of last week, Evans dropped the news that Dodger would be undergoing surgery by posting a picture of his pre-surgery haircut (not done by Chris fortunately):

*People were understandably confused—after all Dodger is only a few years old and isn’t hip replacement surgery for the olds? During a Q&A about his political website, Chris shared more detail about how Dodger’s rough pre-celebrity pet life had led him to needing the surgery:

*On the day of the surgery, Chris discovered he is someday going to be a helicopter parent when he has human children:

*The surgery was a success:

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Pet post? How are your fur babies doing during quarantine ONTD?
Tags: bark bark bark, celebrity pets / animals, celebrity social media, chris evans
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