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"Creep" director adapting suspense novel "The Wild" For HBO Max

Patrick Brice, the filmmaker behind the Creep franchise and director of HBO's Room 104 is adapting Owen Laukkanen's suspense novel The Wild for HBO Max and Warner Max.

Laukkanen is the author of several thriller novels including the Stevens & Windermere series (starting with The Professionals), Deception Cove, and the upcoming Lone Jack Trail. The Wild will be released by Penguin Random House in 2021.

This is the plot description:
Dawn isn’t a bad person–she’s just made some bad choices: wrong guy, wrong friends, wrong everything. But she wasn’t expecting her parents to pay a boatload of money to ship her off to OUT OF THE WILD, a wilderness boot camp with a bunch of other messed up kids to learn important “life lessons.” It’s true that Dawn and the other cubs will learn a lot–but it’s not what any of them expect. Because what happens in the woods isn’t what their parents planned. Sometimes plans go very wrong. And this is one of those times. Suddenly Dawn is more scared than she’s ever been in her life. And you will be too.

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