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Love After Lockup 3.2 "It's Not His Arrest Record, You Should Fear that He's a Momma's Boy" Recap

- Penitentiary Sugar Daddy Scott bout to meet his Cubic Zirconia Digger Lizzie. She's got her a new iPhone and clothes for her stay at the halfway house. He says trouble finds her because she's a "young, pretty, beautiful, white girl". He apparently met Lizzie's daughter while she was locked up.
- Hippie Dollar General Bob Odenkirk (John) and his titty tassel shirt get ready to drive his limo to pick up Kristianna. He's on a deadline to get married before she has to make it to the halfway house. He is a hot mess - he married one women twice and if he marries Kristianna, she'll be his fourth wife. Also John is afraid of rejection meaning he hasn't proposed?!?!??!!??! He kind of just drops down on one knee less than five minutes after this woman gets out.
- How Susan Got Her Groove Back (Jessica) is getting dolled up to see Maurice. They are married but since he's been allegedly smuggling in drugs, he got visits taken away and she ain't seent him in two years. And apparently he was talking to another woman who was sending him money.
- Shavel is going to meet The Lost Migo (Quaylon) but first, she gotta pick up his mom. Shavel's mother has a heartfelt talk and states that it's okay to be apprehensive of the relationship and to be cautious. The Lost Migo will be moving in with Shavel and not his mom - and they are in different states. Annnnd this fool didn't tell his momma about living with Shavel. She's dating a momma's boy! Run, Shave, Run!
- Stringalong Champion Shawn put down the money to get Catfish Destine out of jail. They've never met and she's only showed him cropped and older pics. He went into his 401K to support this woman. He screams deadbeat dad. He's spent thousands on her meanwhile he's got six kids. He also hasn't told his children that he's ben dating let alone that this woman will possibly be around them.


Do you think Kristianna will accept the proposal to be Wifey #4? Will Quaylon's mother throw hands in that tiny car? Will Shawn be able to replenish his 401K?
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, reality show, you in danger

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