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Dead by Daylight Mobile Gets New Training Mode in Latest Update

Dead by Daylight is known for its suspenseful multiplayer gameplay since 2016, but the survival horror game can sometimes prove challenging to get used to. Especially on mobile devices. The game’s developers — Behavior Interactive — just introduced a new training mode that will help players practice and improve their survival and running the fuck away! skills.

Training Mode is exclusively available for Dead by Daylight Mobile and gives players the chance to plays as a survivor or killer and play against bots. “We are incredibly proud of this new feature,” says Alexandre Rogaume, Senior Product Manager for DbD Mobile. “To know that players can practice and get better at escaping or killing without the stakes of a live-game is extremely exciting. We hope the players will make good use of it and step up their game!”

This is great for newer players so they can practice without having to learn how to play in multiplayer matches against more experienced and toxic players. Baby Dwights and baby killers rejoice!

The popular game puts four players against a killer such as Uncut King Michael Myers, Ghostface, Leatherface and more. The game originally debuted on PC and consoles in 2016, but the recent Dead By Daylight Mobile game gave it a second life this April and has proved extremely popular.

Great. Now bring cross-play between PC / console players so I can switch over full-time and play with my friends and family you cowards! This is basically an excuse to talk about DbD. I know I’m 2016 and lateeee. But I’ve recently gotten back into this game when this inferior yet still fun and “free” Mobile version dropped.

What multiplayer games are you currently playing?

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