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The Trailer for Season Two of Marrying Millions - Lifetime's Struggle Bus Reality Show

We're actually in the resurgence of the golden age of reality TV - 90 Day Fiance, Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, Are you the One?, Love After Lockup there's one show that is just struggling to hit, Marrying Millions. The premise is within the title - people who have been minding their broke business are now getting hitched to or dating someone rich. The first season premiered last year, but never gained much traction on Lifetime. Shit, the trailer for the second season premiered almost a month ago and still has less than 100,000 views.

Some issues:
- there's not really a lot of drama than what'd you expect. Lifetime tends to make the couple focus on the differences in net worth. Some other issues come up but super briefly. There was a brief glimpse where maybe on of the millionaires was actually just making the same salary as OP.
- The couples themselves just aren't that interesting. Lots of rich people, shitty dude archetypes
- The first season finale was anti-climatic

It looks like Lifetime wants to add some pizzazz to this second season, but will the three of you think it will top season one?


The premiere for the second season is August 2nd???? I mean, do we really care? But also justice for Gentille!
Tags: men are weak, reality show, television - lifetime, who asked for this

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