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ONTD ORIGINAL: Stan Life - Notable Stans of Notable People [part 2]

Hello, I am once again here to talk to you about...you! I had to keep it mostly recent (So many suggestions were of people I didn't recognize from 5+ years ago who aren't here anymore). So, please, if you want to be included in a potential next round...make yourself known! Write something! Find some memes of the people and cobble together an Original! We're still in q*arantine, you have some time.

There's a lot of posts about Britney Spears, and more than one person who works to fill her tag (as we should tbh), but by far, the most active contributor is diocharl. Thank you for your service in letting us know about "Mood Ring" being available worldwide. It's a banger, I hadn't heard it before.

Nothing but respect for my Pop Princcess of Choice in the late 90s! #LiarIsUnderrated

mayjailer is also keeping us updated about her conservatorship and leaked photoshoots. I hope she gets free.

Latest Post: Britney Spears Proclaims she's the only real b**ch on new Mood Ring Remixes \ Britmas in July! Outtakes from Various Britney Spears Photoshoots Leak Online


Although ms_mmelissa

Ok this one is anti-stanning, I admit.

While he may stan one white woman, marthasback is not here for Taylor Swift. Frankly, the only reason I know T. Swift is doing anything is because of these posts and the occasional thing that leaks into my sphere of knowledge through Variety emails.

I unironically enjoy this song.

These posts tell me whenever she has been wrong, or is setting her fanbase on someone in the name of justice. Only time will tell if they will alert us about Folklore because of some legal drama.

Latest Post: After Fan Backlash, Taylor Swift Finally Tweets about Black Lives Matter


Once again, I am only vaguely aware of this next topic; The show Happy Endings. I remember it originally aired on ABC and then TBS bought it. Damon Wayans Jr. is in it. It ended a year before his movie "Big Hero 6".

ljtryout can tell you much more about it than I can. Out of the 10 posts in the immediate tag, they've posted 8 times. The other two involve one of the cast members and a post about butt plugs.

Is the show about that too? Let us know!

Inquiring minds want to know.

Latest Post: Watch The HAPPY ENDINGS Reunon Right Now!!!

Every so often, you may see sandstorm post a completely random movie trailer out of the blue and wonder "tf is she on about?". I know you do, because I think the same thing. Because changes are, Toby Kebbell has joined the production.

I watched this movie on mute and x2.5 speed. I'm like 10% sure what happened.

She tells us more about this man and his bad movies than we ever wanted to know. May you both get something good, soon.

Latest Post: It's been 84 Years; Apple TV+ Finally Gives us A Servant Trailer

There were other Stans I wanted to post about but I A) couldn't remember the individuals and B) realized the objects of their affections don't have tags when I thought they did. So I wasn't really sure who posted what.

src: us? people? Bing for the gifs
Tags: ana de armas, britney spears, happy endings (abc), ontd original

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