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Amanda Righetti Allegedly Left Her Tights On Natalie Maines' Boat

If you have any musical taste at all you've listened to The Chicks' new album Gaslighter about Natalie Maines' cheating ex-husband Adrian Pasdar.

In current single "Sleep At Night" Natalie describes this scenario:

Remember you brought her to our show at the Hollywood Bowl
She said, "I love you, I'm such a fan"
I joked that you can love me as long as you don't love my man
There's nothin' funny about that

Fans have speculated that Righetti is Becky with the boat tights thanks to this post from Righetti's Colony co-star Sarah Wayne Callies of the two of them at The Chicks' (formerly Dixie Chicks) Forum show (Maines' seems to have taken artistic license with the specific details due to she and her ex's NDA):

Thanks to ONTD sleuths distant_lines and shangri__la for the heads up on this dirt!

Righetti and Pasdar also co-starred on the show Colony that aired on USA and was canceled after three seasons in July 2018. Righetti filed for divorce from her writer/director husband Jordan Alan on February 17, 2017. Maines also filed for divorce in 2017.

Righetti and Pasdar appear to still be together and she posted a photo and Happy Birthday message allegedly to Pasdar on her Instagram:

Fans have taken to commenting on Righetti's Instagram posts reminding her not to forget her tights anywhere else.

Tags: divorce, music / musician (country)
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