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The Midsommar May Queen

Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra Grant granted restraining order against female stalker

Keanu Reeves' girlfriend Alexandra Grant has joined the list of celebrity girlfriends being stalked and harrassed by their boyfriend's crazy ass fans.

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge granted a temporary restraining order against a 67-year-old woman named Cathryn aka Katherine. The stalker was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Alexandra, her home and work and prohibited from contacting Alexandra on social media or posting her photo online.

Alexandra said in the petition, “The harassment commenced after Petitioner was romantically linked to world-famous actor Keanu Reeves, with whom Respondent is disturbingly obsessed. Mr. Reeves is aware and included in Respondent’s numerous social media “hate accounts”, which are comprised of literally thousands of posts.”

Alexandra also says Keanu's obsessive fan has trespassed on her home and took photos of her car that were then posted online, shown up to her events, and was constantly “monitoring and tracking Ms. Grant’s activities, including posting photos of Ms. Grant’s residence online.” These actions are said to have caused Alexandra extreme and substantial distress and she is fearful the harrassment will continue and escalate.

Keanu and Alexandra are currently in Berlin, where Keanu is shooting the next Matrix movie.

Tags: art / artist, fandom / stan culture, keanu reeves, legal / lawsuit
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