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‘Pose’ Co-Creator Steven Canals to Develop Gay Rights Activism Limited Series at FX

“Pose” co-creator Steven Canals is set to develop a new limited series for FX.

“81 Words” will tell the true story of gay activists Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings. Kameny and Gittings risked their careers and reputations to work with GAYPA, a clandestine group of closeted psychiatrists, to challenge the American Psychiatric Association’s definition of homosexuality.

Until 1974, the medical establishment considered gay people to be sexual deviants and diagnosed them as mentally ill.

The show is based on Alix Spiegel’s “This American Life” episode, “81 Words,” as well as the soon-to-be-released PBS documentary “Cured” directed by Bennett Singer and Patrick Sammon.

Canals will write and executive produce the project under his Story Ave. Productions banner.

Canals also has an overall deal with 20th Century Fox, who will produce the series. Singer, Sammon, and Spiegel will also be producers

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