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Alicia Silverstone on the Legacy of Clueless, 25 Years Later

Amy gets a kick out of telling that story about you mispronouncing “Haitians” during the debate class scene and making sure nobody corrected you. What happened when you found out how it was actually pronounced?
Thankfully I was only 17 so hopefully we can forgive and forget. I sadly don't think I'd ever even heard of the Haitians at that time either, which is probably embarrassing. There was another word I got wrong too but she corrected me on that one because it was so ridiculous.

Who out of the core cast would you say was the most similar to their onscreen counterpart?
Paul Rudd maybe? He's just a good guy who's smart and lovable and all those good things that make up Josh. Brittany Murphy was not like Tai. I don’t know Stacey Dash well enough to say for certain whether she’s like Dionne, but I'm guessing not much.

What do you remember from your first meeting with Brittany Murphy?
I just remember thinking she was so great for the part. I can't remember how many girls came in to audition for Tai that day and I don't know if I saw a few girls for it or just her, but I remember Brittany being really adorable. She's so good at the little accent because she had one already, but I think she just pushed it to new heights. I found her so wonderful and I said to Amy right away “I think she's the one! She was the best one you guys!” hoping they would agree. She was like “Uh yeah duh. Of course she was the best, she’s the one.

Were there any responses to the film at the time that were particularly meaningful for you?
I was really well-received by the gay community after Clueless came out. They’ve always been my people. I don't know if it's just this film or my vibe that’s endeared me to them, but that has always been my favorite aspect of the film. Particularly what it means to gay boys.

Why do you think audiences in 2020 get just as much out of the film now as audiences in 1995 did?
I think people identify with Cher's heart and her willingness to change and grow because of how silly she was. She was trying hard to evolve because of her sweet Josh. I don't know how to explain why or what made Clueless what it was, but I know it happened and I know that people continue to love it. And it never gets old, so that's the good news. People always say Oh you must be so sick of it. But what's there to be sick of? People liking the movie you're in? It truly doesn't get better.

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Are you a Cher, Tai, or Dionne, ONTD?
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