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Notorious Celebrity Interviews: Chris Evans (An ONTD Original)


The celebrity magazine profile is a dying art. Beyonce and Taylor kicked off the trend of celebrities refusing to do major interviews, opting instead to write their own profiles or answer softball questions from other celebrities.

So, this series will revisit some notorious celebrity interviews that are now classics.

Today, let's read the 2011 GQ profile of Chris Evans!

This profile is notorious because the writer, Edith Zimmermann, was so ironically (?) thirsty for CEvans. She apparently was trying to poke fun at the style of male interviewers who drool over attractive female celebrities. The results are... mixed.

Chris Evans: American Marvel


They start the interview by getting drunk at an Irish bar in Boston.

  • "Let me start with our official interview, which was a little bit professional and somewhat dignified..."How aggressive can I be?" Chris grinned. 'Shots?'"

  • "Chris Evans is 30 years old and handsome in a familiar way—sort of like if the best-looking guy you went to high school with took really good care of himself after graduation. His teeth aren't off-puttingly white; his clothes aren't particularly stylish. His face is a lot friendlier, toothier, smileyer in person... although on-screen he's titanic, in person he's a normal six feet and takes up a normal-human amount of space."


  • "Since we're both single and roughly the same age, it was hard for me not to treat our interview as a sort of date. Surprisingly, Chris did the same, asking all about me, my family, my job, my most recent relationship."

  • "From ten minutes into that first interview, when he reached across the table to punctuate a joke by putting his hand on top of mine, Chris kept up frequent hand holding and lower-back touching, palm kissing and knee squeezing. He's an attractive movie star, no complaints."

  • "I also didn't know how much I was supposed to respond... I wanted to think it was genuine, or that part of it was, because I liked him right away."

  • "I couldn't quite figure out if he was a goofy, warm, regular dude or just playing the character of goofy, warm, regular dude in order to charm a female reporter."

  • "I wondered whether this whole conversation was a kind of test for him, to see if he could be both the regular dude from Boston and the famous movie star from Captain America at the same time."

  • "He still seemed worried that I'd make him look like an asshole. I explained that even if he were the worst idiot, I probably wasn't allowed to portray GQ's cover boy that way. 'What if I said I hate Asians?' he countered. 'Joking. Joking. That's the quote: "Chris Evans hates Asians."'"

    They go to a party, where Edith gets even more drunk and Chris flirts with her, maybe.

  • "In the vast backseat [of the cab], Chris was even more flirtatious than before, touching my arm and my knee. At this point, which was a number of drinks in, it was easy to forget that it really was an interview, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind that something might happen (and that we'd go to the Oscars and get married and have babies forever until we died?)."

  • "But there was always the question of how much of it was truly Chris Evans, and whom I should pretend to be in response."

    Chris invites her to his house, where she gets so drunk that she doesn't remember the evening.

  • "He's still flirting, but if it's manipulative, it isn't insincere, and it's almost come full circle, from feeling genuine to feeling calculated to feeling sort of familiar and comfortable—although it's still a little weird to consider what's been real and what hasn't."

The interview ends with her passing out at his house, trying to climb out his window, almost passing out in a gutter, and having to sleep off her drunken stupor in his guest bedroom.


Do you think you could hide ur thirst for a hot celebrity, ONTD?

Yes, a bitch has standards
Maybe, depends on the celebrity
No, I would be drooling
Hell naw, I would immediately climb it like a tree

It's a super long profile, mods, this is only an excerpt.

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