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Toronto Blue Jays will play all home games in US

- Canada continues to make good decisions, and major league baseball will not be played in the country for the first time in over half a century.

- Instead of letting baseball teams (including two from Florida and one each from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and DC, all states and cities that have increasing cases of COVID-19, to which only PA has responded) frequently cross the border if they pinkie swear to behave, the Public Health Agency of Canada rejected MLB's proposal to have players stay in the hotel attached to the stadium out of concern for public health:

- This is for the best, given how things are trending in the US, and seeing how MLB is apparently fudging their positivity rate (their press releases specify new cases, not all positive tests, when dividing them by the total samples.) While MLB's ability to rapidly test, contact trace, and isolate has lowered the number of new positive cases every week, the inability to do so in the rest of the US makes the transmission risk too high. Also, Jays players have said that remaining in quarantine beyond the initial 2 weeks "doesn't seem realistic" and is "not an option," despite that they'd be crossing the border and playing in close quarters with US-based teams.

- The Jays will probably play in Buffalo, the home of one of their minor league affiliates, rather than their spring training home in Dunedin, Florida, for obvious reasons.

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Tags: covid-19, sports / athletes - baseball

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