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R.I.P. Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya (2000-2020), Russo-Australian Olympian

Moscow-born Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, a pairs figure skater, made history when she teamed up with indigenous Australian skater Harley Windsor to compete for that country on the international circuit. Katia and Harley were the first Australians to win the Junior World Championships (in 2017) and the Junior Grand Prix Final (2017-18, the following season). Katia got Australian citizenship in time for them to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, where they placed eighteenth.

Unfortunately, Alexandrovskaya/Windsor's career after that season was hampered by injuries to both, and in January of 2020 Katia suffered a seizure while training. Diagnosed with epilepsy, this brought an immediate end to her pairs career, a sudden development that triggered incidents of depression.

After one prior attempt, Katia died by suicide, leaving behind a note stating "люблю" ("love"). She was twenty years old.

Olympic Channel
2017 Junior Worlds FS
RSport (Russian language)
5-TV (Russian language)
Harley Windsor
Justine Brasseur
Riku Miura
ISU Twitter
2017-18 JGP Final SP
2017-18 JFP Final FS
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