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24 of Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez's Best Performances on Glee [ONTD Original]

This is just a list of some of Naya Rivera as Santana's best performances in glee (imo) to reminisce and celebrate Naya Rivera's talent. I didn't see anyone else make a post like this and knew some users here had said they wanted one to share her best performances.

Be forewarned, this post is going to be very video heavy!

  • Rumor Has It/Someone Like You

The perfect vocals, duet with Mercedes, The Look Santana gives Brittany, that slap at the end- ICONIC. I remember hearing this mash-up everywhere so even if you weren’t a glee fan back in the day, you probably still heard it (and liked it).

  • Valerie

Santana’s shining moment at a competition finally! I probably watched this performance (plus the concert version) a million times. Personally, it’s my favorite Naya/Santana song.

  • Songbird and Mine

Santana serenading Brittany. The first one was Santana’s acceptance of her feelings for Brittany, and the second was her breaking up with her (lol).

  • Back to Black

Santana’s amazing audition to be lead at another competition! Ugh her voice. The lead should have went to her smh.

  • River Deep Mountain High

If you didn’t get hype during this duet between Santana and Mercedes, what’s wrong with you.

  • Landslide

Santana, that random teacher played by Goop as mediator, and Brittany sing here - Naya's vocals are good but it’s mainly the emotion displayed during this that makes this performance memorable.

  • Alfie

Santana’s only solo in Season 6 and legit the only solo from s6 I remember (might be the only one I listened from that season). It’s so good!! and she’s basically asking her abuela to accept her and come to her wedding with this song so it’s kinda ;__; too.

  • Me Against the Music

Brittany and Santana’s first duet with each other in the show. If you like girls you might have realized it when you watched this as a baby gay. :')

  • Smooth Criminal

Naya steals the show when she opens her mouth/breathes/stands in this duet with CW Hair.

  • Nutbush City Limits

This is just pure fun and Naya kills it.

  • Brave

A Rachel/Santana duet I loved completely.

  • The Boy is Mine and Doo Wop (That Thang)

I think BIM was the first time Santana got a bigger singing part and this was the start of some beautiful duets between her and Mercedes. Doo Wop in turn is the last Sancedes duet in the show.

  • Bad Romance and There Are Worse Things I Could Do

Both of these are group performances but Naya is strong amongst all the voices. Her solo parts are amazing imo. (Let's just pretend in the second one that Santana didn't steal a role in a high school play from a sad high school student with her graduated ass.)

  • Toxic

This is the only performance of Toxic in this show okay. In this Unholy Trinity performance Naya and Heather's voices are actually their own unlike in Say a Little Prayer.

  • I Will Survive/Survivor

This performance is just so fun, I love it!! The Trouble Tones were robbed! (The Brittana dancing was also where it was at.)

  • How Will I Know

This performance is stunning- it’s a quartet between Santana, Mercedes, Kurt, and Rachel. You can hear Naya in the background mostly but all their voices mesh well together here (even if Rachel/Lea kind of takes over too much in it). Also Santana in that dress tbh

  • So Emotional and Be Okay

Two more Rachel/Santana duets when the writers were trying to trick us into thinking they were friends. They sound good with each other here and it gave Pezberry shippers some fodder.

  • If I Die Young


  • Hand in My Pocket/I Feel The Earth Move and Dancing Queen

The only Brittana duet in s6 (it’s cute and leads up to Santana proposing to Brittany), and another Mercedes/Santana duet. They’re both just very wholesome and the best to end this list with if you want some warm fuzzy feelings.

Honorable Mentions:
Santana's yeast commercial (my bagel queen)

Candyman (Trouble Tones!)

Constant Craving (Santana and Idina Menzel duet basically lol)

Tongue Tied (group song but you can hear Cory and Naya the most)

Shake It Out (Mercedes, Santana, Tina)

Edge of Glory (competition song with Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, Tina)

Cold Hearted (Santana constructing an entire performance to tell whatshisface in s4 he’s a douche)

Girl on Fire (Santana singing to New York because that’s how teleportation works in glee)

We Are Young (group song with Trouble Tones coming back to ND)

At the Ballet (between Santana, Rachel, Kurt, and Sarah Jessica Parker; each of them get a solo part)

Trouty Mouth (lol)

The Scientist (group song of main couples breaking up)

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Brittana duet)

Take My Breath Away (Quinntana duet)

(Source: Me and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25)

Sorry about the formatting, mods- hopefully the videos are working now.

Post your favorite Naya/Santana performances below if I missed any.

Rest in peace, Naya Rivera
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