I live, I die, I live again (sandstorm) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I live, I die, I live again

ontd original: celebrities who look like animal crossing villagers [part 2]

Once again, I am here to talk to you about video game doppelgangers. Will a random nobody user come out of the woodwork to complain and disappear again? Stay tuned!

I actually really like Mott and wish he was my jock in my town. But sweetie, I'm sorry, you look like Ed Sheeran.
He also reminds me of a Mii character. Do you think Nintendo has proprietary software that just is the Mii character designer, but for AC villagers?

Space Dandy rat Moose looks like White House Aspirations rat Pete Buttigieg. Hey, I spelled his name correctly the first try, AND didn't pick a picture where he was losing his hair. That's my good deed for the day.

I actually quite like both Cara Delevingne and Canberra, who moved into my town recently. Even her weird thousand-yard stare.

Here's Kidd, and here's Woody Allen's muse I mean Timothy Chalamet. It's the floppy hair and the stark jawline of the goats that gets it. Also, you can get a suitjacket the color of Timtam's in game.

I tried really hard to see if Armie Hammer would look like a kitten cat. He didn't. He looks like Billy. Arguably, Billy has more mouth.

Homework for you - I looked a several pictures and have a nagging feeling there's a villager who looks like Ariana Grande. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find out who exactly does?

nintendo, nookipedia, these people's hunger for fame that made them worldwide names with pubically avaiable pictures.
Also pictures that are free to use on Bing.
Tags: armie hammer, cara delevingne, computer / video games, ed sheeran, timothee chalamet

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