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The Challenge: Total Madness 35x16 Finals

The final checkpoint is up a snowy mountain. The players will be trekking 12 miles.

Checkpoint 1 - Ring of Fire
For the 1st task the players must collect a total of 12 logs and transport them to a fire pit. Spark a fuse and light skull monument. Then they must go up hill to the end the checkpoint. Players must complete the task to continue.

Cory and Jenny are the first male and female to complete 1st checkpoint. They are the last Tribunal and must nominated 1 male and 1 female for elimination.

Checkpoint 2
The players must get to the compound, a shelter further up the mountain.

House Nominations - Rogan, Melissa
Tribunal Nominations - Johnny, Kaycee

Elimination: Knock out
Johnny vs Rogan
Must race toward a bell and ring it.

Melissa quits before the elimination.

Melissa and Rogan

Cory, Jenny, Johnny and Kaycee get to stay inside the compound and the others must stay outside for 6 hours.

Bayleigh injured herself earlier in the game, she doesn't continue.

Final Checkpoint
Go up the mountain. Along the way there is a task to do. Cory and Jenny get 1 minute head start. Johnny and Kaycee then get 1 minute head start before Kyle and Fessy get to go.

At a certain part of the trail they must solve an equation to open a lock.

Winners of $500,000 each
Jenny and Johnny

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