Ali (elderpricely) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

ONTD Original: A Gif of Mistaken Identity

blank face gif post

Enjoy a selection of gifs I thought were someone else.

I thought it was
Jimmi Simpson

[I have no depth perception]

How, though? Jimmi looks like a daguerreotype of Christian. Additionally: favorable lighting to smooth out some crags, a hand obscuring parts of his face, glasses that cast a shadow, and the fact that I couldn't name a Christian Slater role if my life depended on it.

I thought it was
Post Malone

[You see me on TV you know I’m a star]

How, though? I only had a vague concept of Post Malone's pre-face tattoo appearance, and I projected it onto this grubby adolescent from MTV's Catfish. I do think they have a similar head shape, facial hair, and scumbag vibe.

I thought it was
Julia Roberts

[Big mistake. Big. Huge.]

How, though? Renata Sorrah shares Julia's relatively large features, straight brows, strawberry blonde waves, and dusty rose lip. It's such a common mistake that Bustle corrected the mixup in an article I didn't read™ back in 2017.

I thought it was
Zack Galifianakis

[Some people have it all. Looks, talent. How does it feel to only have looks?]

How, though? They look alike, obviously. Also, Robert Redford is such a who? to me that I don't even know if that'll be a controversial statement. Sorry to this man.

I thought it was
Not Henry Cavill

[It’s just the job. No hard feelings.]

How, though? I usually find Henry bland and uninspiring; the widely posted and thirsted-after clip of his musclebound arms punching nothing gives me secondhand embarrassment. But here he seems to have charisma. Plus, the lighting makes his eyes look warmer and darker than usual, eliminating my usual repulsion to icy blue irises.

SOURCE: Partial face blindness and a dismal pop culture knowledge:time on ONTD ratio.
Tags: catfish (mtv), henry cavill, julia roberts, ontd original, zach galafinakis
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