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Did Jessica Mulroney sabotage Lainey Gossip? An ONTD semi-Investigation


Part 1 of this ~investigation~ exposed Lainey Gossip’s racist, homophibic, and misogynist past. Let’s get to Lainey’s involvement with the Mulroneys. This post is text-heavy, so grab some alcohol and sit your ass down.

  • Lainey Gossip became so popular that in 2005 CTV hired Lainey to be reporter for the entertainment show eTalk. There, she began working with the host, Ben Mulroney. Ben is the son of Canada’s former prime minister Brian Mulroney. Think of him as the Billy Bush of Canada.

  • Lainey has referred to Ben as her “friend and colleague” several times on her blog. Her website mentions him 217 times.

  • Ben’s wife, Jessica, is the heiress of a shoe company fortune and is one of the gatekeepers of Toronto society. If you want to climb the ladder, you need to buddy up to Jessica. Speaking of people who wanted to climb the social ladder, enter Megan Markle. Megan is American, but she moved to Canada to film the TV series Suits. During her social climbing acting career, Megan befriended Jessica.

  • There are lots of rumors that Megan actually pursued Jessica’s friendship, not the other way around. Allegedly, Jessica barely tolerated Megan until Megan started dating Harry, at which point Jessica quickly made herself a close friend of Megan’s. Jessica and Ben’s three children were in Meghan and Harry’s wedding. That’s how close they are/were!


  • This brings us to the Sasha Exeter scandal. I won’t go into it in depth here, but Jessica Mulroney threatened the career of a black woman who encouraged Toronto influencers to use their platforms to promote racial equality. Jessica publicly tried to use Meghan Markle as her “black friend” reference, saying that her friendship with Meghan was very “educational.”

  • The backlash was swift. Mulroney lost her job as a TV host and lost several sponsorships. Ben Mulroney stepped down as a host of eTalk.


  • And then Lainey wrote a post calling out the Mulroneys. She wrote about Ben and Jessica’s white privilege and published that they allegedly kept a list of people who had wronged them.

  • Lainey tried to claim that she is not close with Ben:

    “It might seem to you like Ben and I are close. And in many ways, we are close – in the way that two people can be close but only at work and only when we are working. I don’t see Ben on weekends. I don’t text him regularly… At work though, yes, there is mutual respect and trust.”

  • Lainey also wrote:

    “I think [Ben]’s probably mad at me.”

  • Lainey also claimed that Jessica is not a source of information for her blog, referring to this as a “conspiracy:”

    “Jessica and I have not had a relationship. The reason I’m telling you this is because I have been asked /accused repeatedly whether or not my connection to Jessica also connects me to Meghan Markle and whether or not this has resulted in compromised coverage on this website.”

  • Of Jessica and Meghan’s friendship, Lainey wrote:

    “Jessica is so obsessively protective of their relationship, almost to the point of paranoia. She walks a fine line of playing it to her advantage.”

  • Lainey said she was afraid of revenge:

    “I’m afraid of the Mulroneys. Because I am a woman of colour. Because I don’t have family connections… People [in the Toronto social scene] are afraid of retribution. I am afraid of retribution – and I guess I’ve just made it worse with this post…. She has powerful allies.”

  • Lainey claimed that Jessica Mulroney sent one “threatening” message to someone in this fishbowl who “liked” one of Sasha Exeter’s Instagram posts.

    “I can tell you for sure that at least one email was sent out from the Mulroney camp to someone who “liked” Sasha’s post that was mildly threatening.”

  • Within one week of her article, multiple tweets surfaced of Lainey’s past racism, misogyny, homophobia and bigotry. An online campaign quickly built against her, even though the content had been available online for decades. Lainey wrote a rambling 1,200-word post about Megan Amram and at the very end apologized for her past, but she has kept the offensive content on her site and went right back to writing her usual celebrity gossip.

She has not written about the Mulroneys since then.

If you work for Buzzfeed, feel free to steal this post. All the people involved are jackasses who deserve consequences.

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