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The View: Amy Schumer, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Cucker Tarlson is on ~Vacation Punishment

Plays clip of Mr Bow Tie spewing some bullshit about his head writer getting fired over racist sexist homophobic posts on social media as recently as last week. Carlson is now on a /cough/ extended fishing vacation. Surejan.gif. Meghan blah blahs about cancel culture and wants to rehash and justify her bickering from yesterday. Idky they spend so much time on this, no new ground is covered for anyone craven enough to be employed by Faux News. The panel thinks Carlson is accountable for his head writer’s behavior especially when Carlson himself has made racist sexist homophobic remarks as well. Meghan doesn’t agree.

They also talk about Bari Weiss having a crybaby meltdown for being fired from NYT. Her -resignation- letter is the latest in public whining.

Hot Topic California is Closed Again

Calif partially reopened but has now gone back to modified shutdown due to rise in cases. We never really came out of the first wave. Lots of talk about whether schools should open or not. Kids missing out on critical education might should add another year before graduating. LA Teachers union has a lot of non-school related demands regarding schools reopening.

Hot Topic Amy Schumer

Amy is promoting her new docu-series Expecting Amy on HBO Max. She talks about cancel culture, her pregnancy, her relationship, current events, how much she loves her son who is 1 yr old, raising him in a pandemic. He is in the second clip, cute little boy. She had hyperemesis, extreme nausea like Duchess Kate. Some conversation about tragic disparity in mortality rate for white women pregnancies vs Black women pregnancies. She’s partnering with Tampax to promote education and rid the stigma of periods.

Ontd did you learn sex-ed in school or at home or /insert other source/?

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