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Lainey Gossip's bigotry vs. The Mulroneys, part 1 (ONTD Investigates!)

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Recently, Canadian socialite Jessica Mulroney was exposed for her racism toward a social media influencer. Mulroney's husband, Ben, works with a gossip blogger and TV host named Lainey Lui. Lainey runs the website Lainey Gossip.

Lainey wrote about how the Mulroneys allegedly blacklist anyone they dislike. Shortly after, an online campaign began against Lainey that exposed her past of racism, homophobia, transphobia, fat-shaming, and misogyny.

This two-part series will explore this fascinating, bizarrely under-reported Canadian feud.

First, let's begin with Lainey Gossip. Truly, there are too many heinous, bigoted posts from Lainey to compile into one post here. But I have done my best.

etv social.jpg

Elaine "Lainey" Lui is a Canadian gossip blogger of Chinese heritage. A decade or so ago, she started writing a group email about celebrity gossip. It became so popular that she moved it to a blog. It gained a huge following, especially during the early years of internet gossip sites like Perez Hilton. (And even baby ONTD).

But the early days of gossip were MUCH different from now. Lainey wrote some incredibly nasty, prejudiced posts about numerous celebrities.

Her regular nickname for Cameron Diaz was h*rmaphrodite and h*rm, because Diaz is tall and muscular. hermaphrodite

She also called her a dogface.

In fact, a search of her site shows 66 results for the term "hermaphrodite." Some celebs she called this word include Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The term "dyke" returns 115 results.
The terms "fag" and "faggot" return a combined 112 results.
The term "homo" returns 470 results.
The term "ghetto" returns 385 results.
The term "tranny" returns 36 results.

Here is what Lainey wrote when Paris Hilton was going to jail:

"Pray Goddess some bull dyke puts a collar on this bitch behind bars and drags her around like a sex gimp."

She referred to Shiloh Jolie Pitt, then age 4, as a bull d*ke.

She referred to Sheryl Crow as a d*ke anorexic bitch for dating Lance Armstrong.

She would call Tara Reid, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan drunkorexic.

She referred to Jessica Biel as a "shelf ass."

She referred to Janet Jackson's ghetto tits.

She spread the rumor that Nicole Kidman is a h*rmaphrodite and calling her "granny freeze" for her plastic surgery and supposedly cold personality. Oh-- she also mocked Nicole for speaking about infertility.

One of her favorite celebrities to mock was Jessica Simpson, who also received the h*rmaphrodite insult. She also called her a "tr*nny" who has cocklips-- an insult based on Jessica's reputation for dating John Mayer.

She called Jada Pinkett Smith a d*ke.

She would refer to male celebrities as "f*gs" and "homos," including John Travolta, Hugh Dancy, and Ryan Seacrest, and Matthew Broderick... and that's not all of them.

Her nickname for Tom Cruise was "Gay Midget Dwarf."

She outright called Britney Spears ugly and fat.

In fact, she made fun of plenty of female celebrities' weight and accused many celebrities of using drugs.

Her penchant for spreading rumors did not get her into trouble until years later. A blind item that she wrote was widely rumored to be about Gretchen Mol and Harvey Weinstein. Turns out that it wasn't true.

But her blog got so popular that she was eventually recruited as a "reporter" for ETalk, a Canadian entertainment show. That eventually translated into a job as one of the 4 hosts of The Social, a women's daytime talk show.

And that's where she met Ben Mulroney, the son of the former Canadian prime minister.

ctv etalk.jpg

Stay tuned for part 2 this week.

If you work for Buzzfeed, feel free to rip off this post. Every asshole involved in this story needs to suffer consequences.

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