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The View: Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

The show has been on break since Thursday 2 July episode. Also a FFA Politics for *waves vaguely at everything*

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Betsy DeVoid of Brain Cells thinks it’s ok for kids to die. Whoopi has a great-granddaughter?! Keep this uber-wealthy dum dum off television. Joy the former teacher and Me-Again™ bicker. The reason everyone thinks GOP doesn’t care who dies is because everything [most] elected GOP say and do indicates they don’t care who dies.

Pouty McFussypants doesn’t like it that trust in him is in 30% range while trust in Dr Fauci is in high 60% range, so T45 staff has oppo material to discredit Dr Fauci while has-been game show host Chuck Woolery is tweeting hoax conspiracy nonsense, which T45 retweeted. Joy and Me-Again™ fight again, Whoopi stops it.

Hot Topic Potus Debates

T45 lost every debate in 2016 which included him being a bully and stalker. It still didn’t matter. Some blue check wants debates to be contingent on 1-T45 providing his tax returns, and 2-real time fact checking. Ok in the big scheme nobody cares about his tax returns. We know he’s a mobbed up grifter but that’s for Congress and/or SDNY to sort out and won’t move the needle much on voter preference. Anyway, it would probably be funny if Biden went on a rant every time because bullies like T45 don’t know how to behave when they’re attacked. Some banter about whether there will be debates, but that’s a false narrative because both camps have said Yes they’ll debate.

Hot Topic Traitor Carlson vs Patriot Duckworth

Plays a Tucker Carlson clip where he calls Tammy Duckworth a fraud and a coward. She lost both her legs fighting for his right to spew stupid insults. Then Carlson’s head writer Blake spray-on-hair Neff was fired for vile sexist and racist social media comments.

Hot Topic RIP So Many ☹

Already a lot of posts about all of these:

Broadway actor Nick Cordero who fought for months against covid. Actress Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta, who privately battled breast cancer for 2 years (yes she received cancer treatment icymi). Benjamin Keough, grandson of Elvis, son of Lisa Marie Presley, who died by suicide. Naya Rivera who tragically drowned, after getting her son back on the boat safely.

Hot Topic Sad Will and Entangled Jada

A few posts about this as well. No new ground covered, panel shares their opinions. Anyway, whether they had an open marriage or not, there’s the imbalance of a mentor turning into a sexual relationship, and it seemed Will was caught off guard and sad, while Jada was doing the most to downplay her stepping outside their ~boundaries. I mean, 4 years?!?

Hot Topic Bonus Topics

A partial list of the last decade 10 days in US politics in no particular order, feel free to chat about this and others

. T45 is still refusing to truly address Russia paying bounty on US soldiers, while Generals have testified that it’s true

. Transcript released of fired SDNY prosecutor who made it crystal clear that AG Barr was trying to replace him with a criminal crony who would look the other way on multiple open investigations

. SCOTUS ruled against T45 regarding his taxes, sorta kinda. They made it clear that Potus is not above the law, but ruled in a way that it will drag out [probably] beyond the election, rendering Congress unable to thoroughly investigate, and also ruled that lower court had to decide and define the ~parameters of what financials could be disclosed

. T45 niece book comes out [tomorrow?] and says exactly what we know it will say. There will probably be more juicy water cooler tidbits and she’s a licensed psychologist so there’s gravity to her insight but his cult won’t care. Somebody will eventually load it to for free.

. Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell had ex-British military guarding her at a home in NH, which was recently purchased in cash. Speculation is that she didn’t flee the country because she’d rather face the FBI than /insert conspiracy theory of foreign attackers/. It was noted that she had her cell phone wrapped in tin foil. Not a typo. Lol forever.

. AZ FL TX are raging with covid cases

. Ted Cruz flew on @AmericanAir without a mask. Previously AA kicked off a passenger who refused to comply but they’re /cough/ investigating Ted after a photo went viral on twitter.

. Lots more, carry on

Ontd hug someone close to you or hug yourself today and every day

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