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More on Lisa Marie Presley's Son Benjamin and Scientology

  • Lisa Marie Presley allegedly left Scientology in 2016 after a failed confrontation with cult leader David Miscavige. She took her family with her, including actress daughter Riley Keough. Riley later returned to the church (her father Danny was raised in the org). A friend says the entire Presley/Keough family was shaped by Scientology.

  • Lisa Marie was ready to take on Scientology publicly until her divorce abruptly happened and she checked into rehab. She was now doing well and looking forward to her court battle until yesterday's tragedy.

  • Unlike Riley, friends said Benjamin was definitely out of Scientology and badmouthed it to his friends. He talked about how Scientology "fucked up kids." He had been struggling with drugs and alcohol at a non-Scientology facility before his passing and was staying at his mother's Calabasas home.

  • A source close to the Presley/Keough family said: "Ben was her baby. More than Riley. More than the twins. This will be beyond inconceivable for her. I really worry that it might be too much for her,"

Head to the source to read much more, including more on Kelly Preston's passing.

Tags: celebrity children / siblings, death, music / musician, scientology, sensitive content
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