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Cardi B endears herself to Turkish Twitter with her Magnificent Century tweets

Despite being busy planning a toddler's birthday party during quarantine, Queen Cardi is not immune to binge-watching TV shows. Over the past month, she has been tweeting about the Turkish drama "The Magnificent Century," a series about the life of a woman named Hürrem Sultan, the main consort of infamous Ottoman Sultan Suleyman "the Magnificent".

[cardi putting on her stan hat]She also tweeted about Nurbanu, one of the characters in the series who is an antagonist of Hürrem. When a fan tried to counter, Cardi stepped up to reiterate that Hürrem is THAT BITCH (well, she didn't say bitch but we all know it was implied)

If you are still bored in the house and still in the house bored, some kind soul has uploaded both Magnificent Century, and it's sequel series, Magnificent Century: Kösem, to youtube with English subtitles. Each episode clocks in at a minimum of two hours, so the drama and intrigue is sure to keep you busy.

source / cardi's twitter

ontd what tv shows have you binged during quarantine and why did you decide on magnificent century
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