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Ex-1D Roundup: Where are they now

As you can tell from the title, I didn't want to make separate posts for these bozos and Zarry, so here we are.

1. Niall Horan:

A sort of a follow up to this post, despite preaching for people to stay at home earlier this year, Niall is currently vacationing in Spain, after also attending a Covid Party last week, also with his rumored girlfriend. People from Spain have explained that the lockdown on Spain has ended as of 21st of June, and wearing masks is not mandatory. Niall had a small twitter session the other day, where he sounded his usual happy self. Musically he seems to be doing well on the Irish Charts, with his latest single Black and White (OP note: he has a new single ?!) rising to second place. He also has an fanart contest for Heartbreak Weather.

2. Liam Payne:

When he's not busy with his robust Youtube career, baiting 14 year olds into thinking there's going to be a 1D reunion or pretending to call former Antichrist Harry Styles for attention, Liam Payne now does paid livestreams. The contents of the Liam Payne Show have not been clarified yet, as he was asking his fan [singular /ˈsɪŋɡjʊlə/] what they wanted to see.

3. Louis Tomlinson:

After bankrupting Syco, Louis Tomlinson is finally free ! He announced that he and his long time label have decided to part ways, resulting in the celebration (his tweet is currently the most liked tweet of his solo career, with almost 600K likes, outdoing and tripling the interaction of his actual album and tour announcement) of all of his fans. He has yet to announce his new label; his fans conspiracy theorists have yet to announce who they will blame for his girlfriend and son, since Simon Cowell is no longer in the picture.

4. Harry Styles:

Harry Styles has partnered with Calm, to read a story after many of his fans continuously requested that he do so. ('Dream With Me' is a 35-minute Sleep Story that mixes music, magic, lilting lullaby and Harry’s distinctive voice. It was produced by a big team at Calm and written by Steve Cleverley with music by Sanj Sen). Some people (stans of the other three) have accused this as a money grab, since Harry has publicly backed the Calm app, despite the application having a free trial period. Harry's also uploaded the story to Spotify within the same day. He currently has a top 10 single (Watermelon Sugar) and a top 10 album (Fine Line) both in the US and UK. There's rumored to be a documentary about making of Fine Line named Treat People With Kindness that is yet to come.

Honorary Member: Zayn Malik

Sends you his love.

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Tags: harry styles, internet celebrities, one direction, where are they now
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