So... The Artist Formerly Known as Lady Antebellum has Decided to Sue Blues Singer Lady A

- Because white people have been doing the perforative MOST (TM) these past few weeks and it shows no signs of slowing down
- The trio dropped the Antebellum in their name to Lady A because in their big age FINALLY leaned the term Antebellum had negative connotations
- However, "Lady A" has been the stage name of a black blues singer (Anita White) who expressed disappointment the group didn't reach out to her about the name change
- These white folks have asked a Nashville court to trademark their gentrified name because Anita wanted compensation (~$10 million) which the band will not settle
- The group's lawyers are citing that "Prior to 2020, White did not challenge the plaintiff's widespread use of the term or sale of their merchandise"
- White claims that the decision for both acts to continue as "Lady A" was quite "premature"


The irony of these people trying to corner a black woman who just wants to rightfully claim her name.