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ONTD Original: 5 characters who were intended to be LGBT

5. Lexington - Gargoyles

Gargoyles is an amazing show with some great representation. The show itself is an animation masterpiece, with great voice acting, dramatic and Shakeaspearian storylines, and some of the best morally complex villains on TV.

... But you know, Disney still made it, so of course it wasn't perfect. Greg Weisman has stated that the writers only came to the decision that Lexington was gay towards the end of the series, but in a AMA on his personal website, he confirmed what everyone knew anyways: that there was no way Disney would have let Lexington be openly gay in the mid 90s.

Still, Lexington was eventually going to end up with a mate in the comics, a gargoyle from a London clan called Staghart. Staghart was to be an openly gay gargoyle that helped Lexington figure his sexuality out, and they would eventually hook up. But the comics were canceled before they got together.

There's always been a lot of talk of Disney rebooting Gargoyles. If that day ever comes, maybe they can finally make Lexington gay as he's inten... lmao just kidding I know Disney's not gonna do it.

4. Richie Foley - Static Shock

Static Shock was another underrated show with great representation. In the show, Virgil (AKA the titular Static Shock) had a best friend and confidant named Richie. Richie was based on the comic book character Rick Stone, whose most known storyline was coming out as gay in Static Shock 16-22 ("What Little Boys Are Made Of").

Co-creator of Static Shock, Dwayne McDuffie, had this to say on the matter: "“It’ll never come up in the show because it’s Y-7 but as far as I’m concerned, Richie is gay." He went on to say that the way he decided to show that Richie was gay in the show was to have him be as aggressively heterosexual as possible and have Virgil role his eyes at the transparency of it all. Yeah, I don't know about that... but at least there was an effort.

3. Elim Garak (and Julian Bashir) - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Deep Space Nine was the first Trek series to feature a same sex kiss, and it's a groundbreaking show in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, it still ended up censoring what could have been an amazing pansexual character.

When recording the pilot of the show, Garak's actor Andrew Robinson, made the decision to play the character as "sexually inclusive" and have him be attracted to Dr Julian Bashir, played by the very handsome Alexander Siddig. Although both actors seemed to support the potential relationship between their two characters, there didn't seem to be much more behind the screen support. In Andrew's own words, the writers made a choice that they "didn't want to go there" because it was Star Trek and a family friendly show, and Andrew was persuaded to back down from that interpretation of the character.

... Anyways, I still hold out hope that Garak and Bashir could get together. Star Trek is still running, Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson are the perfect ages to cameo in Star Trek: Picard. It could happen! And if not, well... there's always fanfiction. And Andrew Robinson.

2. Valkyrie - Thor: Ragnarok

... Ahh, Disney. Here we are again. At least with Gargoyles you had the excuse that it was a kid's show in the 90s, and even that's a bad excuse. Tessa Thompson apparently fought for having Valkyrie be bisexual in the movie, and reportedly they went so far as to film a scene where a woman leaves her bedroom, but it ended of being cut. Because of course. The biggest indication of her sexuality left in the movie is her crying out as her supposed lover gets murdered by Hela. Wooo, great representation from Disney right there!

Ragnarok director Taika Waititi said that he was "totally supportive" of Tessa interpreting the character as bi, but not supportive enough to include scenes that showcase her sexuality, I guess. Though we don't really know what happened behind the screen. Maybe he fought for the scene and the higher ups said no. Maybe he didn't. The end result is the same: once again the LGBT community is asked to take a step back because apparently no one is ready to handle the "delicate subject" of simply having a gay/bi character exist on screen.

I remain unimpressed.

1. Mystique - The X-Men

Oh Mystique, so straightwashed both in the comics and adaptations. So, King Chris Claremont, writer of many iconic X-Men comic book storylines, originally wrote Mystique to be bisexual. But then again, Claremont wanted to make a lot of the X-Men bisexual, including Wolverine... but anyways! This is about Mystique. So ultimate LGBT ally Chris Claremont had originally intended for Mystique and her """"friend""" Destiny to be Nightcrawler's biological parents. This would have happened by having Mystique assuming a male form to be able to conceive Nightcrawler with Destiny, who's her most well known female lover in the comics.

However, the Comics Code Authority prohibited the explicit portrayal of LGBT characters during that time, so that storyline was retconned. Instead, we later on got an extremely stupid storyline where Mystique cheated on her husband with... an actual demon from a Hellish dimension and that's how baby Nightcrawler was born. Because having two women raising a baby together upsets American morals, but getting dicked down by an actual Devil is A-OK.

When talking about the X-Men movies, Mystique budget cosplayer Jennifer Lawrence rebuked the idea that Mystique could be bisexual by claiming that she has a kid and sleeps with Magneto... neither of which contradict the character being bisexual. She then conceded that since Mystique is 100 years old, it's possible that she could have had a "lesbian phase." Okay... someone get the sis a dictionary, please.

Anyways, the X-Men are owned by Disney now so hopefully we'll finally get the bisexual rep we deserve... Nah.

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