beysactingcoach (beysactingcoach) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Beloveds, Here's a Peep into the New Season of Love After Lockup!

Woah, who thought OP would be back with one of these? The most riveting show on television is back for its fourth season. We are introduced to new couples - one of them has been incarcerated about to be released while the others are just waiting for them to get out. The clip is an extended look into the new season.We've got a new Scott and Lizzie and *Five Stairsteps harmonization* o-o-h chile things are going to get messy.

Coming to ya damn house July 17. OP suggests to elevate ya dining experience with some charcuterie, wine/spritz, and a little chocolate mousse. A show with this kind of elegance and heightened storytelling will be a disservice with Tostino's pizza rolls.

Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, legal / lawsuit, reality show

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