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Scrabble Tournaments Move Toward Banning Racial and Ethnic Slurs

Julie Duffy, a spokeswoman for Hasbro, also said the company will amend Scrabble’s official rules “to make clear that slurs are not permissible in any form of the game.”, though the dictionaries for the game have not included slurs since 1994.

If a word is taken out of the association’s lexicon, it cannot be played in tournaments sanctioned by the organization, including in online versions.

This is not the first time ScrabbleStars (I mean, I assume that's what Competitive Scrabble Players are Called, for short) have pressured Hasbro to remove offensive language from the game, as an Anti-Semetic slur was removed from competitive play before. Of course, there were some ScrabbleShitheads who whipped out the words 'slippery' and 'slope', for 0 points, as well as going "My black friend doesn't mind."


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