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ONTD Original: Celebrating 20 Years of Cinematic Icon Brenda of the ‘Scary Movies!’

Twenty years ago today, one of the greatest characters in the history of cinema was born…BRENDA MEEKS FROM THE ‘SCARY MOVIE’ SERIES!


Iconically portrayed by Regina Hall through four movies, Brenda is hands down the most beloved character of the franchise, stealing scenes and providing memes years after she first graced the big screen. Let’s take a look back at her most hilarious moments, shall we?

In the first Scary Movie, Brenda and her friends, including Cindy (Anna Faris), Buffy (Shannon Elizabeth), and DL-boyfriend Ray (Shawn Wayans), were high schoolers involved in an accidental hit-and-run.

“She don’t love herself….”

“They gave me a shout-out on the album….”

“This is some scary shit….”

[Fun fact: in the original theatrical release, this scene had Brenda saying “Brad Pitt’s ex-girlfriend is a real freak!” while watching the part where Gwyneth Paltrow’s character undresses in Shakespeare in Love. Apparently Gwyneth wasn’t too happy with it and complained to Harvey Weinstein, who made the filmmakers change the line to “She’s about to get it on with Shakespeare!” for subsequent release.]

Even though she died in part one (as did most of the cast), Brenda and her friends (now in college) returned to investigate a haunted house in Scary Movie 2 a year later.

“Let’s split up….”

“This is bones….”

“Angel style!”

Scary Movie 3 came in 2003, this time without the creative input of the Wayans brothers, director Keenen Ivory and writers Marlon & Shawn, and with a PG-13 rating. That didn’t stop Brenda, now an elementary school teacher, from delivering the only “fuck” in the movie though.

Brenda’s classroom

“I just got a weird feeling something bad is headed my way....”

“Another little white girl done fell down a well….”

Brenda survived death yet again and reunited with Cindy in 2006’s Scary Movie 4. This time, Brenda is a news reporter assisting Cindy in her quest to stop an alien invasion.

“Here’s Detroit…”

“Russell Crowe got a phone!”

“You can all watch….”

“The aliens killed a dinosaur!”

“Cindy, look, I’m on TV!”

Although a 5th Scary Movie was released in 2013, Brenda was sadly not a part of it. Let’s hope that this legend will return to the big screen soon and give us more iconic moments!

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What’s your favorite Scary Movie Brenda moment, ONTD?
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