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Frida Kahlo’s “the wounded table” mysteriously reappears

The 2.5 meters long painting disappeared under unexplainable circumstances more than 7 decades ago, it was last seen in a Warsaw exhibition in 1955, leaving no traces in any storages or archives.

But now a Mexican entrepreneur living in London is claiming to have the painting, it being a part of an outstanding lot of art pieces he inherited. The most seek out painting of the Mexican artist is for sale at €42 million, according to the art dealer who is representing the entrepreneur.

The painting traveled from Mexico to United Kingdom at the end of 2019 and it's being guarded in an armored vault of a bank at an undisclosed location.

The owner does not have an authenticity certificate; according to him, the painting was confidentially retrieved from Europe by a friend of Diego Rivera (Kahlo’s husband) at the later’s request, but the friend couldn’t give it to him because Diego died, the friend eventually sold it to another person and this person exchanged the painting over a property in Acapulco to the father of the current owner.

Given the history of the painting and the fact that the painting was described as an oil on wood and this new one is on canvas, eyebrows have been raised on its authenticity, with even the Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo museums trust, the Mexican authority in charge of watching over the artists legacy, warning of the forgeries that abound in the market, given the popularity of the artists.

With today marking the 113rd anniversary of the artist

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