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ontd original: celebrities who look like animal crossing villagers.

Sometimes...there are people who look like video game characters. That's it, that's the post.

Can someone please help this animal out of Sephora.

...Ya'll see it, right? Deirdre is part of the James Charles Sister Circle!

I saw Curt's serious face and immediately went "Oh wow, he does really remind me of Andre Braugher."
fun fact; They share the same birthday (July 1st). So, happy belated!
A lot of cranky villagers have July birthdays.

YOU MAKE THE CALL: Who does Tom Holland look like more? Walker, or Dizzy? I'm leaning towards Dizzy.

Especially here, you see how Tiffany looks a lot like Megan Thee Stallion.

I was going to go with Reneigh because of the 'Stallion' aspect and the long hair and eyelashes, but then I couldn't find a picture of Megan with long platinum hair that actually looks like how I know her to look. If that makes sense.

Then I recalled Tiffany and was like "Oh fuck yeah, here we go". If you want to evoke the style of another Japan-origin character, here you go! You read it here first!

Felicity's catchprase is 'mimimi', and I can't tell if it's supposed to be 'me, me, me' or some kind of musical note. Which would fit Taylor Swift.

...The visual resemblance is a lot stonger than I expected.

It's mainly the eyes. There are people whose pupils are so large, you're not sure what color their eyes are. So, BinBons, meet Broccolo.

Fun fact: Broccolo wants to build a house based off of bricks from a 3D Printer. He dares Nook to say some shit about it.

src: nookipedia, nintendo, people existing, social media pages, screenshots of videos, wikipedia
Tags: computer / video games, megan thee stallion, ontd original, taylor swift, tom holland

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