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ONTD Original: How about a hilarious post?! Top 10 celebs with the most contagious laughter! 🤣🤣🤣

10. John Barrowman
Yes, he has an infectious laugh, but in this clip (which stands as a hilarious clip by itself) Barrowman loses it when the Attack of the Show guys find out they're cancelled and start drawing dicks on their Black Friday deals segment.

(Starts at 3:14 til' the end)

[LMAO]9. Anne Hathaway
Yes, her laugh is contagious, but this moment with Jon Stewart takes her usual laughter to contagious levels. And who doesn't love an impromptu laugh/cry combo?

8. Allison Hammond
She's the best part of this morning and she's hilarious. Her antics are everything and her laughter is so loud. It's amazing. I'm still cracking up at the sailor falling to the water part.

7. Amy Poehler
She's a hilarious woman and everything and everyone around her becomes funny by proximity. The Parks and Rec bloopers are a delight because of her.

6. Anderson Cooper
Not a laughter per se, but more like giggles. And he giggles like an anime school girl. It's so funny to see him lose his shit and laugh.

5. Elijah Wood
Such a hilarious laugh. It sounds a bit like two parrots mating but it remains hilarious. The video itself is a classic. If you have not seen this LOTR prank. You should!!

4. Ming-Na Wen
It's funny cause she's so different from her character in Agents of SHIELD. May is stoic and serious and Ming is such a bunch of smiles and joy. The SHIELD cast even mentions that you can tell she's coming from a mile away because you can hear her laugh.

3. Ricky Gervais
Such a distinctive and loud laugh. But it's also like he's mocking the situation a bit. IDK, but his laugh is everything.

2. Emilia Clarke
She has no ability to control herself and i love it. Her laugh just keeps piling on.

1. Lisa Kudrow
Yes, she's the OG laughing queen. Friends bloopers are amazing because of her. I DARE YOU to watch her bloopers without laughing.

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ONTD, any celebs with great laughs?
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