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Christopher McQuarrie Planning R-Rated Movie With Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's frequent creative collaborator Christopher McQuarrie revealed to the Empire podcast that he is planning a R-rated film with Cruise playing "a very un-Tom character." The plan was initially involving the Jack Reacher franchise, but has branched out into an original McQuarrie/Cruise project.

"It’s a very un-Tom character...that we’ve been talking about, which I’m hopeful about in the future. The [Jack Reacher] franchise has moved on, and we haven’t. So we’ve now got stuff in the hopper. The [Jack Reacher] stuff we’re talking about now is tinker toys [compared to the new project], I’m actually very, very excited."

McQuarrie had previously told the Empire podcast that Cruise was growing somewhat tired of his own action films (OP note: probably because he's 5-FUCKING-8 AND HE'S TIRED) and wanted to go back to basics doing dramas. It will be a long wait, however- the two have two more Mission: Impossible installments (rumored to be the finale) and the Edge of Tomorrow sequel and Tom is going to space. So should he survive, probably 2025 at the earliest.

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