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Royal Mess: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex felt "unprotected" by royals

The Duchess of Sussex felt “unprotected by the institution” of the monarchy during “false” media reports that emerged when she was pregnant, court documents suggest. She was "prohibited from defending herself" in the British press, she claims. Meghan said she was under extreme mental and emotional duress while pregnant because Palace staff, members of the royal household & their friends were allowed to give anonymous quotes to the press about Meghan, but she & those close to her were not allowed to comment.

However, it's been suggested that Palace press team ‘couldn’t defend Meghan against true stories,’ according to "insiders." Her anger allegedly grew over the Palace not defending her from attacks by her family on her father's side, especially her mouthy sister. Sources say that the press team were unable to deny the reports because they were largely true and “the stories were a drop in the ocean compared to what was going on” at the time.

Although a judge at a hearing earlier this year threw out Markle’s claim that she was the victim of a malicious press campaign, “aides say that the Duchess is relieved that the true extent of what she believes she has suffered at the hands of the British press is now being revealed.”

In less serious news, Meghan also claimed her wedding raised £1billion in tourist revenue and that this “far outweighed” the contribution of taxpayers' money towards crowd security. However, royal experts have branded this as "unrealistic" and the real amount would have been about $300 million and a huge boost to Meghan's brand.


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Tags: celebrity feud, legal / lawsuit, royalty / royal family
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