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Zac Efron spotted in Byron Bay

Rumours have swirled in recent weeks that actor Zac Efron has settled in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

But that’s all they were – rumours, with occasional eyewitness reports from locals and tourists who insisted they’d spotted Efron in the trendy beachside town.

Now, finally, proof: Efron was snapped hanging out at the iconic Byron Bay general store cafe this week, where he was with local woman identified as Vanessa Valladares.

It’s understood Efron landed in the northern New South Wales town just before international borders were shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has chosen to lay low here in Oz rather than his home country.

The confirmed sighting comes after social media influencer Tarsha Whitmore claimed on June 18 that she’d seen Efron at the very same cafe he’s now been photographed.

It’s not yet known how long Efron plans to stay in Byron Bay – or if he’s spent any time with the town’s most famous residents, A-list brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth (who live in Broken Head not Byron Bay btw).

News Source, Vanessa Source, Tarsha Source

Any of my fellow Aussies in the Byron area to get some scoopla? I dunno if I can/want to cross the border lmao
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