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Vanilla Ice to perform at 4th of July show in Texas despite surging COVID-19 cases

Robert Matthew Van Winkle, best known in the 90’s by his stage name Vanilla Ice, is hosting a 4th of July concert in Texas, which recently saw 8,076 new coronavirus cases (a record daily high).

So how tf is “The Independence Day Throwback Beach Party” concert even happening? It’s all thanks to a legal loophole in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s COVID-19 restrictions. The venue (Emerald Point Bar & Grill) is technically a restaurant and has a large capacity outdoor general admission concert space.

“I can’t wait to get back to this,” said the washed up “Ice Ice Baby” rapper on Instagram. “The 90s were the best. We didn’t have coronavirus, or cell phones, or computers. We had 5.0's, blockbuster, Beavis and Butthead, Wayne's World, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan ... Mortal Kombat is still better than Fortnight ... the last of the great decades.”

2,500 tickets are on sale, which is about half of the venue’s potential capacity. Ticket prices range from $25 for general admission to $300 (lmao) for VIP seating (which is actually sold out. Welp).

Country “star” Chase Rice recently faced criticism for having a concert in Tennessee.


ONTD, would you drop $300 on VIP tickets and risk getting COVID-19 to see Vanilla Ice in concert in the year 2020?

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