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The Challenge: Total Madness 35x14

Challenge: Running Out of Time
Individuals. Players must go to a pile of bricks and put bricks in another player's bin. Players will have 5 min warning to get to their bin or be disqualified for next portion. Players then must lift their own bins and hold on as long as they can.

Winners - Fessy, Jenny
Tribunal - Fessy, Jenny, Josh

House Nominations - Kyle, Bayleigh
Tribunal Nominations - Nelson, Rogan, Aneesa, Melissa

Double Elimination

Purgatory: Knots of War
Kyle vs Josh
Bayleigh vs Aneesa

Each player is going to be attached to rope and must knot the rope around a car. After 15 mins they switch places and must undo what the other player has done.

Aneesa and Josh

source mtv, castpics
Tags: reality show - mtv, the challenge (mtv)
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