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The View: Mark Cuban, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic RIP Carl Reiner

Whoopi has a cute crown. Whoopi was so emotionally overcome yesterday with news that Carl Reiner passed at the ripe ole age of 98 yrs old that she got choked up trying to mention it. Joy knew him personally. Had lunch with him a few times. Thinks he taught people how to grow old gracefully. Whoopi tells her story about first meeting him and the influence he had on her comedy career and life, and working with his son Rob Reiner.

He was so cute on twitter, and a proud resister. I was literally watching the Oceans trilogy Monday night, the last one ended @ 1AM, only to realize he died during that time. He was tweeting within hours before the end. Legend.

Hot Topic Put Your Damn Mask On

Politicizing masks has put us where we are today, with cases and deaths rising, we never left Phase 1, with Phase 2 certain this fall. GOP finally decided to wake up and start calling for masks, too late Darwin winners. Vote them all out. Faux News has blood on their hands, particularly Sean Hannity. Practice your 3W, wait 6 ft, wash your hand, wear your mask. Rand Paul is ridiculous, should never be given air time. Or any air. Meghan is rude, shut up and let others speak. /head explodes hits fast-forward/.

If you don’t like wearing a mask, well guess how much you’ll like a ventilator.

Hot Topic OK Karen

Whoopi jokes, she's personally offended because it’s her real first name (birth name Caryn Elaine Johnson). Panel talks about the Instagram accounts, all the videos, the behavior of these women. They show some of the clips. The mentality of the country is so on edge, and white women in particular are losing their marbles over every little thing. People have always been rude, but now it’s on videotape. And then add to that, the atmosphere in this country has made bad behavior acceptable, a vicious cycle.

Hot Topic Mark Cuban

Shark Tank, Dallas Mavericks owner, and wealthy entrepreneur talks about a lot of stuff. I don’t watch Fox but clips of him schooling Fox hosts have been lol-worthy.

Clip 1 discusses his support for former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential run and how wearing masks can save the country money. Also, he thought about running some time ago, was out-voted by his family, politics too ugly for his young children. Supports Biden but may vote for other GOP down-ticket, depending on Dem plan to reinvigorate the economy.

Clip 2 talks about restarting NBA season, and says he supports players who choose to take a knee during the national anthem, which currently is against NBA rules.

Clip 3 talks about Bountygate and TX covid and reopening vs closing back down. Feels optimistic about a vaccine by end of year but we can’t count on that so wear your damn mask.

Ontd Happy Canada Day we love you thank you for not quitting us we'll be better soon, only a few more months!! /kisses

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