hewontgo (hewontgo) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Lena Waithe Calls On Hollywood To Be More Inclusive Or ‘Pay Up’

Lena Waithe wants financial repercussions for Hollywood companies who aren’t being inclusive enough.

“If your studio hasn’t greenlit enough projects brought in by underrepresented communities — everything gets shut down. The studios, networks and streamers all need to live by new rules, and if they don’t live by them, there need to be financial repercussions,”

A BET show has never been nominated for an Emmy, “Black and brown people are often left off. We’re never a part of the conversation or roundtables. And when we are there — there’s usually only one or two of us."


ONTD, can you name BET shows that deserve Emmy noms ?
Tags: award show - emmys, black celebrities, race / racism
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