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The View: Dr Jill Biden, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

MaHFrEeDoMs St Louis couple who raided Talbots and JoS A Bank first claimed it was an angry mob. Then they said there were two white men in crowd with weapons, different from the peaceful protestors. And that they support BLM. So to combat these alleged fake made up threats to their lives (and their unseen dogs lives!1!!11!), they went outside waving around and pointing their pistol (lady ambulance chaser lawyer) and assault rifle (man ambulance chaser lawyer) while… barefoot.

Hot Topic Jill Biden

Dr Jill Biden is promoting her book Joey and provides stump speech talking points for Biden campaign, their indoor studio and outdoor studio and all the Zooms they’re doing for outreach to voters, election security and combatting voter suppression, George Floyd, VP pick, restoring decency, T45 being a bully, covid, education including equalizing access, children’s book that gives insight to Joe Biden’s early life, his family life, his struggle with his stutter, and where his empathy comes from and why it's his greatest strength.

[May not be on last video clip] Whoopi ends the last segment trying to comment on RIP Carl Reiner, gets all choked up.

Ontd did you play kick the can as a child do you know what kick the can is?

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