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Dorinda Medley blasts RHONY costar Ramona & says Bethenny’s departure was a “Huge loss”

RHONY Star Dorinda Medley did not hold back in a new interview with Chanel Omari of “Chanel In The City”.

She said, “I would get on the show and I felt like it was used as a story line as opposed to get off the show and not hear from anybody. And Leah and Sonja really did things through out the season off filming to check in with me. I mean it’s a lot when you're going through a break up, your house is being renovated, your dog died, and I really got the feeling like certain people like Ramona piled on. She found any opportunity to pile on. She would say, “I am in pain, I am in pain.” Well of course I am. How about, “How are you doing?” “You’re drinking so much ....... You’re an alcoholic.” I barely drank this season. When someone is going through a hard time a person is a girls girl. You don’t hit them while you’re down.”

What are her thoughts on Bethenny Frankel? “She was an NFL varsity player so I don’t care what the girls say.. it was a HUGE loss. Bethenny is a great reality star. I don’t care what you say. There’s no way around it!”

Listen to the full interview at the source!

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