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The View: Jon Stewart, George Lopez, Madison Cawthorn, Hot Topics

Friday panel was Whoopi, Sunny, Meghan, and Sarah. Monday panel was Whoopi, Joy, Sunny.

It's a two-fer I forgot to submit Friday!!

More behind the cut

Hot Topic SCOTUS Overturned Louisiana

Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the liberal judges to overturn Louisiana strict abortion rules. Between Roberts and Gorsuch, conservatives are having a conniption! Kavanaugh wrote a scathing dissent against Roe v Wade, but couldn’t convince any other judges to join with his dissent. Susan Collins (R-ME) sternly furrowed her brow.

Hot Topic The View Won a Daytime Emmy

The View has been on the air 24 years and won its second Emmy. The show won for Outstanding Informative Talk Show. Funny clip of Producer Brian celebrating. Previous Emmy was for the hosts, so this is the first win for the whole show. Everyone thanks everyone.

Hot Topic RacistInChief© Distracts From Bountygate

A racist in a golf cart retweeted a racist in a golf cart. All of this was to distract from Russia paying bounty for the Taliban to kill US soldiers, which he says he wasn’t briefed on, or didn’t read, or didn’t remember, or didn’t see the crayon sharpie photos, or wasn’t told because he’s compromised and can’t keep his piehole shut. Meanwhile, the bounty was corroborated by foreign allies. T45 reacted by a) doing nothing, and b) tried to invite Putin to the WH, and c) wanted to get Russia back in the G-7 making it the G-8 again. Senator Lindsey Graham reacted by playing golf with him. The minority leaders reacted by calling it a nothingburger and blaming the media for reporting the story.

Hot Topic Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is promoting his lackluster-reviewed political satire film Irresistible on VOD. He also covers almost every current events topic, the election, his support for Biden, covid. He goes into background on his film, and diversity (or lacktherof) both on his old show and in the industry.

Hot Topic Friday Show Darwin Awards

Plays clip. Crazytown has gone viral. People who’ve never been told No in their life think God is going to save them from the virus. For believers, you know what else God did? Created humans who became doctors, nurses, scientists, epidemiologists. If you don’t like the masks, guess how you’ll like the ventilator – Sarah.

Hot Topic Friday Show Madison Cawthorn

T45 and Mark Meadows heavily endorsed the other GOP candidate. 24 yr old Madison Cawthorn won. He’s sorta cute. He’s disabled*. Alas, he is a Republican, has a dumb name, and says a lot of ridiculous things. But lol @ ETTD (Everything Trump Touches Dies). Cawthorn will go against Democrat Moe Davis in the November election for Meadows vacant seat.

*In 2014, he was returning from a FL spring break trip. His friend fell asleep at the wheel and hit a concrete barrier. Cawthorn’s injuries left him partially paralyzed and he uses a wheelchair.

Hot Topic Friday Show UFO

Mysterious lights in the sky. The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee is calling on the Pentagon to release UFO reports after unknown lights hovered over the sky in two major cities, Miami and Houston. If aliens are invading, they’re going to be disappointed. Or, take us with you!!!

Hot Topic Friday Show George Lopez

George Lopez is promoting his Netflix comedy special We'll Do It For Half. They talk about water cooler topics, including DL Hughley who collapsed on stage last week and later diagnosed with covid. Takes cracks at Sammy Hagar.

Ontd do you believe in alien life?

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