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Lisa Vicari posts behind the scenes pics from Dark

  • Lisa Vicari, one of the stars of the German Netflix show Dark posted behind the scenes pics from the third and final season which is out now!

Season 3 spoiler summary:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
In season 3 we learn that everyone is dad! Also:

  • That Jonas doesn't exist in Alt!Martha's world

  • An older version of Martha calling herself Eva (in parallel to Jonas' world's "Adam") is pulling the strings and manipulating younger versions of herself on how to act

  • Eva is operating to keep their world going while Adam is trying to end the loop that everyone is on

  • Claudia figures everything out! She realizes that the nuclear plant blowing up is the only point where things can change in the timeline. Also that everyone is part of a giant incest circle where they're all each others moms and dads but Regina is outside the loop which is why she doesn't care about ending it. She figures out the point where things get fucked up is in 1986 when H.G. Tannhaus tries to bring his son, daughter-in-law and grandchild back to life after they die in a car accident but instead creates two side worlds: Jonas' world and Alt!Martha's world.

  • Jonas and Alt!Marta travel to 1986 and are able to save H.G. Tannhaus' family

  • Jonas, Martha, and the rest of the incest circle dissolve and cease to exist

  • Regina, Katharina, Peter, Benni, Hannah and Torben survive to the present prime timeline. Hannah and Torben are expecting a child together which Hannah decides to name Jonas.


An excuse for a discussion post!

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